About LectureMonkey

LectureMonkey records a whole lecture with all its content – automatically. Patent pending smart capture technology compresses an hour lecture into a high quality recording that uses only about 50MB of storage. Lectures are automatically uploaded to the students personal Dropbox™ for safekeeping.

LectureMonkey provides a  distributed lecture distribution framework for schoolmates to easily share multimedia lectures and comments without centralized storage. Students collaborate on note taking by collectively tweeting comments during class, or in a quick editing session later. Comments are collected, shared and made a natural part of the flow of the lecture.

LectureMonkey’s proprietary smart capture format ensures that lecturers don’t have to worry about their lectures being on YouTube™ or Facebook™ without permission.

LectureMonkey is the future of lecture note taking – automated lecture notes. LectureMonkey enables a mobile device to be anyone’s automated lecture note taker. LectureMonkey uses a smartphone to automatically combine lecture capture (high quality audio, board images and presentation capture) and collaborative comments into a crowd sourced, multimedia summary of a class. Students can have all their lectures and notes in their pocket or in a browser ready for review – available anytime, anywhere. Better grades are only a click away.

Our mission is to be every student’s automated note taker, providing a cloud and mobile platform for multimedia collaborative notes that are complete, easy to digest and more valuable than handwritten or typed notes. LectureMonkey’s platform provides students and professors with an easy way to learn better and increase grades through a local community based on lectures, comments and shared learning.

LectureMonkey is a available in iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/il/app/lecturemonkey/id547592845?mt=8 and on the web at  http://www.lecturemonkey.com/.

Contact us through email: contact@lecturemonkey.com
or by phone at our US number: Call (954) 8896826


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