Setting Bookmarks and Comments

One powerful feature of LectureMonkey is Bookmarks and Comments. You create a bookmark (to mark important point – like information for a test or homework) during recording by a tap the add bookmark icon. Don’t worry about ruining the recording  -LectureMonkey ensures the recording isn’t affected even if you pick up the phone as long as you put it back  when you are done.

Bookmark icon

Bookmark icon while recording

Bookmarks make it easy to quickly find the important points when viewing a lecture.

You can also add a bookmark while viewing  for your next view, or for your friends. Bookmarks and comments are shared by everyone that views the lecture – so if you mark a location as important for an exam all your friends will benefit as well!

Add bookmark while viewing

Add bookmark while viewing

In both cases (while recording or while viewing) you can optionally add a bookmark type (important, homework, exam, reference) or a text comment to the bookmark. If you don’t choose a type, or enter a comment the default is to mark the bookmark as important.

Setting a Bookmark and Comment

Setting a Bookmark and Comment


About lecturemonkey

LectureMonkey is a mobile and web platform that makes it easy to use an iPhone to capture lectures for later review. All lecture content (audio, whiteboards, and presentations) is easily and automatically captured – leaving you free to pay attention to the class. LectureMonkey is simple to use, just point the iPhone camera towards the front of the room and mark areas of interest like whiteboards and presentations and LectureMonkey does the rest. LectureMonkey automatically captures all important lecture content through images and audio. The captured lecture is stored on your phone and in your personal DropBox™ account. It is much smaller than video, and much more useful. You can enhance captured lectures by adding shared bookmarks and comments, and you can make lectures you captured available to your schoolmates to help them as well – and make yourself the class hero. Just think – review all your lectures anytime, anywhere! - Automatically record the whiteboard and presentation - Automatically record everything said in class - Audio only mode – record audio and manually capture presentation and whiteboard images or video - Easy review of captured lecture review saves you time when you need it most – right before a test - Skip directly to bookmarks and short reminders - Speed up playback by up to 50% – review a lecture in half the time To view a captured lecture, you can just use the built-in player; or just drag the DropBox directory on your computer to to see the recorded lecture.
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