Getting Ready for College

I found a great article on preparing for the transition from high-school to college on One of the points focused on  adjusting to a different use of time spent in the classroom.

The first point is about thinking ahead. LectureMonkey is all about thinking ahead, a few minutes of setup in class will save you hours down the road. LectureMonkey is so easy to use you should just record all your classes – no reason to pick and choose which class to record. If you can’t set up LectureMonkey in sight of the presentation – use manual (and pick up to capture a new slide whenever it changes) or audio-only mode and bookmark slide transitions. No matter what you do it will help you get better grades.

In college most professors rely on a lecture to convey what they think is important, regardless of class size. That means that note note taking is critical. High quality notes become your go-to source when it comes to prepping for future classes, exams, projects and presentations later in the semester.

The problem with most notes is that they aren’t complete – but you don’t know that until it is too late (e.g. when you start reviewing for an exam). LectureMonkey solves that by completely documenting your lecture, making sure you have everything needed before the exam.

Also, with LectureMonkey you focus on listening, since you know LectureMonkey will capture everything said, written and presented. So instead of trying to transcribe the lecture and capture the gist of the board and presentation, focus your listening beyond the “what” and “how” of the lecture to the “when” and “why” of what the professor is saying. Understand the the thought process behind the results being presented – not just the result, and bookmark the important milestones in that process for later review.

Moving from high-school to college is hard, but LectureMonkey can help smooth the way and make sure that you ace your courses. We suggest using LectureMonkey during high-school as well – not only can it help before exams, it will also enable you to become familiar with the tool that can make the difference between success and failure in college.


About Jacob Ukelson

blog (mostly) about my work and technology. So far I have been lucky enough to have been working on things I consider fun and with really top notch people. I have worked in both large companies (IBM) and small companies (ActionBase, ConicIT, Dapper, eXeedTechnologies). eXeed was establish to remedy a failure of the VC model in Israel – most VCs were monetary investors, but most companies needed not just money – they needed operational and business guidance. That is what we provide at eXeed – not just an investment but also our time and skills as seasoned software executives. I have taken on various titles – CTO, VP Products, VP BizDev – but throughout my career a constant focus has been on technologymarket fit, aka customer development. Unique breakthrough technology is a start, but the product must solve real business problems. It needs to be something customers can understand, relate to and will want to buy. I have been doing this for 20 years for software products in companies both large and small.
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