Capture Mode

This is for versions before 3.7.0. For 3.7.0 and later also see: Cool New Capture Features in version 3.7.0

Recording is the easiest way to capture a lecture – LectureMonkey does all the work. All you need to do is setup the capture areas, set your iPhone down and let LectureMonkey do its thing.

But recording isn’t always the way to go – sometimes you may not have a seat that has visibility to the front of the room or maybe there is no where to set down the phone. For those cases and more we created “capture mode”. To start capturing, press the  CaptureSmall1@2x button on the top left of the main screen.

The first thing that happens is that LectureMonkey checks if anyone has already started capturing or recording. If so, it will offer you the choice of joining that recording or starting a new capture.

photo 2

If you start a new capture, LectureMonkey will ask you to fill in a few details about the lecture so you can find it later. If you decide to join an ongoing recording – LectureMonkey will use the info provided by the first recording and start recording audio. You can now set LectureMonkey down and it will continue recording audio until you press done. You can even leave the app (put it in background) and it will continue recording.

photo 3

While the audio is being recorded you can add comments, images and video. To add an image touch the camera icon (or just pick up the phone in landscape mode and point the camera forward). Pushing the video icon will start recording a 30 second video snippet. To add a comment just text and press send.

When you press done you have a recording of class with your comments, images and video.

The magic happens once class is over and everyone has finished recording. LectureMonkey collates the audio, images, video and comments from all the participants and creates a new merged lecture that starts when the first user started recording and ends when the last user stops. LectureMonkey the shares the enhanced, merged lecture with all participants so everyone has their own recording and a version of the joint effort.


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blog (mostly) about my work and technology. So far I have been lucky enough to have been working on things I consider fun and with really top notch people. I have worked in both large companies (IBM) and small companies (ActionBase, ConicIT, Dapper, eXeedTechnologies). eXeed was establish to remedy a failure of the VC model in Israel – most VCs were monetary investors, but most companies needed not just money – they needed operational and business guidance. That is what we provide at eXeed – not just an investment but also our time and skills as seasoned software executives. I have taken on various titles – CTO, VP Products, VP BizDev – but throughout my career a constant focus has been on technologymarket fit, aka customer development. Unique breakthrough technology is a start, but the product must solve real business problems. It needs to be something customers can understand, relate to and will want to buy. I have been doing this for 20 years for software products in companies both large and small.
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