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About lecturemonkey

LectureMonkey is a mobile and web platform that makes it easy to use an iPhone to capture lectures for later review. All lecture content (audio, whiteboards, and presentations) is easily and automatically captured – leaving you free to pay attention to the class. LectureMonkey is simple to use, just point the iPhone camera towards the front of the room and mark areas of interest like whiteboards and presentations and LectureMonkey does the rest. LectureMonkey automatically captures all important lecture content through images and audio. The captured lecture is stored on your phone and in your personal DropBox™ account. It is much smaller than video, and much more useful. You can enhance captured lectures by adding shared bookmarks and comments, and you can make lectures you captured available to your schoolmates to help them as well – and make yourself the class hero. Just think – review all your lectures anytime, anywhere! - Automatically record the whiteboard and presentation - Automatically record everything said in class - Audio only mode – record audio and manually capture presentation and whiteboard images or video - Easy review of captured lecture review saves you time when you need it most – right before a test - Skip directly to bookmarks and short reminders - Speed up playback by up to 50% – review a lecture in half the time To view a captured lecture, you can just use the built-in player; or just drag the DropBox directory on your computer to to see the recorded lecture.

Editing Presentation\Board Locations while Recording

Sometimes you’ll set up LectureMonkey to record specific locations, and then things shift (you change your seat, the lecturer all of a sudden starts using the whiteboard, etc.). To handle these situations without having to interrupt recording LectureMonkey provides location … Continue reading

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How to Record a Lecture

Here is a short video with the basics for getting started: Recording lectures is the heart of LectureMonkey. There are 2 ways to record a lecture – fully automatic and audio only. In any case, the first step is to … Continue reading

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Commenting on a Lecture a Classmate is Currently Recording

If there is anyone in class recording a lecture using LectureMonkey – other LectureMonkey users can join in and add bookmarks and comments (or you can use your laptop or iPad to enter comments to a lecture you are recording … Continue reading

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Sharing Lectures with your Schoolmates

When you register using your school email account (e.g. LectureMonkey adds you to your school’s domain. Once part of a domain , you can see other lectures recorded in that domain (i.e. at your school), and your lectures are … Continue reading

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Skipping About in a Lecture

New for version 4.6 and beyond: Swipe left-right will now advance the slide without advancing the audio. A single tap will resynchronize by jumping to the current audio location. The next\prev  icons work as before. This allows you to take a “peek” … Continue reading

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Viewing Bookmarks and Comments

In a previous post we saw how easy it is to set a bookmark or comment. In this post we’ll show how to access existing bookmarks and comments when viewing a lecture. To view bookmarks and comments just tap the bookmark … Continue reading

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LectureMonkey Pilot for Professors

As an educator you are always looking for new, proven ways to help your students learn. Recent studies have shown that lecture recordings increase grades and enhance understanding. Not surprisingly, access to recorded lectures for review is very popular with … Continue reading

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