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2 Responses to LectureMonkey App User Guid

  1. Kalypso DeRito says:

    how do i change my email address?

    • Jacob Ukelson says:

      Hi. There really isn’t a way to change your email – we use that as your identifier. There probably is another to achieve your goal though:
      1. Open a new LectureMonkey account using a new email, if you link it to the same Dropbox account you will have access to all your previous lectures as well.
      2. If you want to use a new Dropbox account as well, after you register and link your new account and Dropbox, go back to your old LectureMonkey account and share your old lectures with the new account (choose the “Share” icon in the pop up menu on the main screen).
      3. If that doesn’t solve your problem send me a direct email – jacob@lecturemonkey.com and we’ll figure how to solve your problem.

      Hope you enjoy using LectureMonkey. Jacob

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