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How Many TV Series are Produced a Year in the US

Continuing on my analyst binge, I decided to try and figure how many TV series are produced a year. As far as I can tell were about 150 network (ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, NBC) TV series produced in 2013. In … Continue reading

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LectureMonkey 2.0 is Out – The World’s First (and Only) Universal Lecture Capture Platform

Most adult education is presented in the form of frontal lectures. It has been shown that high quality lecture notes are crucial for student understanding and knowledge retention from lectures. Students have difficulty taking quality notes, generally noting less than … Continue reading

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5 Things Students and Teachers Get Wrong about Note Taking

1. Good notes are not just useful, but are crucial for academic success – students that just listen comprehend 50% or less of a lecture and forget 80% after 2 weeks (unless they have notes to review). 2. Student notes … Continue reading

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Transcription on a Laptop is NOT Note Taking (and is detrimental to your grades)

There is an interesting article on the association of psychological science (aps) website on the lack of value of value in trying to transcribe a lecture. The articles cites a study showing that laptops as a means of note taking … Continue reading

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