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Lectures over the Transom

One metaphor we used to use at IBM research was technology “over the transom”. “Over the transom” is an idiom for work submitted for publication without being solicited. The idea was that in many cases Research would come up with … Continue reading

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LectureMonkey 2.0 is Out – The World’s First (and Only) Universal Lecture Capture Platform

Most adult education is presented in the form of frontal lectures. It has been shown that high quality lecture notes are crucial for student understanding and knowledge retention from lectures. Students have difficulty taking quality notes, generally noting less than … Continue reading

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LectureMonkey as local social network for learning – or “passing the peeing exam”

Sometimes when I talk about LectureMonkey as a social network I can hear the (sometimes silent) groans. Just to be clear – LectureMonkey is all about recording lectures and collaborating on lectures. One result of that focus is it also … Continue reading

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